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KHA Parts Sdn Bhd (国丰)



For more than eighty years Matsui has been manufacturing drivelines and related products.
Matsui is particularly proud of the expertise and manufacturing technology we gained over the years in the field of universal joints, which are all about safety. Matsui enjoys a high reputation within the industry both in Japan and overseas as a high-quality and reliable supplier of driveline components. Matsui is a high value-added enterprise thanks to our integrated manufacturing system extending from product development to finished parts.
Matsui is expanding the range of products into the automotive industry and fields such as industrial machinery, leisure and other fields in which drivelines serve as integral parts. The needs of our customers are growing increasingly diverse and complex as the demands on achieving ever more pleasant living conditions grow. Matsui is striving to satisfy these needs as they are continue to enhance and broaden our fields of specialization.
Matsui look forward to your continuing patronage in the future.

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