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KHA Parts Sdn Bhd (国丰)



Since its founding in 1960, Sankei Industry has focused on manufacturing quality aftermarket automotive parts (suspension and steering-related parts in particular), and has enjoyed the continued patronage of customers in Japan as well as abroad.

The company name of Sankei Industry originates from the ideology of merchants in the Ohmi region, known as "sanpo-yoshi," which means the satisfaction of three parties: the seller, the buyer, and society. In addition to customer satisfaction and true happiness of employees, our goals include contributing to the local community and creating a work environment where each employee can find a new way to shine every day.

To achieve these goals, Sankei is continuously committed to product development and cost reduction through continual improvement activities involving all of our employees as well as through optimizing on-site production practices.

Sankei intends to make concerted efforts to enhance our manufacturing techniques to meet the increasingly diverse and complex needs of the market, to continuously exceed the expectations of our customers, and to contribute to the component industry and to society as a whole. Sankei welcomes your counsel and patronage.